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Motivation, Self-care

Just Love Yourself!

We’re often told that we must first love ourselves in before we can expect anyone else to love us.  Unfortunately for many people loving yourself isn’t always an easy thing to do.  Does that mean that we’re unworthy of being loved because we don’t love ourselves?  Of course not!  Self-love is a process that’s not… Continue reading Just Love Yourself!


I’m Not Really A Blogger…

I first branded myself as a blogger years ago, and for the most part I am one...I think.  I mean I've had several blogs over the years, I've even had a nice following.  However, somewhere along the line, I stopped...and stopped again...and well, here I am, hopefully I won't stop again. My biggest problem is… Continue reading I’m Not Really A Blogger…


Creating a Safe Space Online

Over the years we've all seen an increase in cyber-bullying.  Back in my day (lol) Social Media wasn't really a thing.  Everyone wasn't online, and it was easy to disconnect.  Since A.O.L. 2.0, I've been a victim and probably a one time or another the aggressor.  All too often, we're told that if we're offended… Continue reading Creating a Safe Space Online

Imperfect Mommy

Panic in the Bedroom!

I just had the biggest scare of my life for this year!!! I was in the middle of working on my social media calendar and something told me to check my phone.  I checked the phone and I had the kids starting at their new school tomorrow!!!  I jumped out of bed and ran down… Continue reading Panic in the Bedroom!

WTF just happened?

What do you mean we’re homeless?

Over the years I've often heard the saying "1 in 3 American families are one paycheck away from being homeless" or something like that.  I'm not one of those "nope it could never happen to us" type persons, but I knew this didn't apply.  I'm blessed to have one of those families that will make… Continue reading What do you mean we’re homeless?