dancing rain 3


It’s time to stop taking ourselves so seriously and start living.  We all have bad days, we all have good days, we all have moments that we’d like to forget.

Even though we may not share the same experiences or beliefs we have one thing in common…WE ALL WANT TO BE HAPPY, and not just for a moment.

One thing my friends have always told me they admire about me is that I love to live.  No, I don’t mean extravagant trips and spending lots of money.  I mean simple things, like putting the cares of adulthood aside and having fun!  So many people get caught up in “being grown” they stop living.  The bills will always be there, the clutter can be picked later, if your boss is jerk today, s(he) is going to be one tomorrow.  Your past will haunt you as long as you don’t let it go.  So stop dwelling on the things that suck the fun out of life.

My mother, sister, great grandmother, and niece used to run out side when it would rain to hold hands and dance.  We didn’t worry about who was watching, or what would happen to our hair (well my sister would sometimes put on a shower cap), but the point is it was FUN.  Splashing in the puddles, laughing, and yelling like little kids.  If only for a moment the cares of the world left our minds and we were free.  

Drop everything you’re doing…and dance in the rain.  You’ll thank me later.


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