WTF just happened?

What do you mean we’re homeless?

Over the years I’ve often heard the saying “1 in 3 American families are one paycheck away from being homeless” or something like that.  I’m not one of those “nope it could never happen to us” type persons, but I knew this didn’t apply.  I’m blessed to have one of those families that will make sure that never happens.  A little over three years ago we leased a home that was perfect for my family.  The plan was to rent for a two years, then purchase our own home.  Life happened, and I didn’t feel like packing so we added another year to the lease.  For the most part things were going pretty well.  The owner of the home used a management company to take care of everything.  We made friends who became family, and my ties to the city started to run pretty deep.  I became an Ambassador in May, and the girls were involved in several community organizations.

The new plan was to rent another year while saving and building our credit.  Sounds good right?  After all of drama from years past, and my long recovery things were great.  I was making a name for myself, and building my brand.

As life would have it…sh*t hit the fan in July!  It was time for us to renew the lease.   I had been getting weekly reminders to renew the lease, so I figured I’d better get on the ball. So dropped off a letter and sent an email to let them know we’d be staying another year.  A few days later I was cleaning off my desk and I came a cross a letter that we overlooked from the management company.  I opened the letter and my heart dropped!  I literally felt like I was dying.  I got myself together long enough to call Benita…she can usually talk me down.  I was reading the letter to her and I was so deep into my ugly cry that she didn’t know what I was saying.  After slapping my through the phone, I read the letter to her…long story short the homeowner wasn’t renewing our lease.  The letter was dated July 22nd, but postmarked July 28th.  The lease was up on August 31st…Homeless Definition

I just knew it was a mistake!  There was absolutely no logic behind us having to move, in the three years that we lived there our ridiculously high rent was never late, we didn’t have any issues with management or the homeowner.  Well there was an issue with the water bill, which came after a hot pipe bursting and a few other issues that caused the bill to be higher than normal.  But hell, that wasn’t or fault!!!

Still, no indication that we’d have to move with such short notice.  It was a Friday when I read the letter.  My husband had been home a few days for his birthday, but was already gone.  So I had to deal with this alone, I can’t even remember how many anxiety attacks I had.  Fortunately after the initial shock, everyone was able to get me to calm down.  I was going to call the office Monday and they were going to tell me it was a mistake.

I woke up feeling pretty confident Monday morning!  I picked up the phone to call the office after saying a little prayer.   I was crushed, the woman on the phone said it wasn’t a mistake and didn’t offer any more information.  My head was spinning, we had a little over 30 days to pack up and get out.  Where would we go?  Can we even afford to move?  How do I tell the kids?  How do I tell my husband?

So many questions, zero answers…

Family and friends tried to comfort me and assure me that everything would be okay.  I wasn’t hearing it!  EVERYTHING WAS NOT OKAY!  I didn’t want to pray and think positive.  I did that when my bonus kids were kidnapped and they’re still gone almost four years later.  I wanted to scream, and break stuff!  I wanted to destroy the house, I wanted to cause physical harm to the chick who owned the house.  But I’m not that person…

My husband came back home about a week later, we thought we’d find another home or condo to rent, or as a last resort we’d get an apartment.  Days to turned to weeks and we hadn’t found anything!  The houses were either too small, or wanted too much for the rent.  At the time, money wasn’t an issue for us.  My husband makes good money BUT we were in the process of rebuilding his credit.  So we were screwed!  We got down to the last few days before we had to be out and came to the painful decision to put all of our things into storage and move into a hotel.

I’ll never forget how painful our last night at the house was and how devastated we were when we walked into the hotel room.   Even the cat was depressed…sad cat.gif

So begins the next chapter in our lives…



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