I’m Not Really A Blogger…

I first branded myself as a blogger years ago, and for the most part I am one…I think.  I mean I’ve had several blogs over the years, I’ve even had a nice following.  However, somewhere along the line, I stopped…and stopped again…and well, here I am, hopefully I won’t stop again.

My biggest problem is that I always get stuck when it comes down to what to write about.  I had my blog for “Elite Entrepreneurs,” then there was the now defunct “Millionaire Mompreneurs,” (hard lesson in how renewing my domain), “Track Mom Chronicles,” oh can’t forget “The Random Musings of Keisha Rene.”  Now where was I going with this?

Oh yeah, FOCUS or lack thereof was my biggest hurdle.  I hadn’t quite found my niche.   Meanwhile I was birthing other bloggers, and watching them succeed.  I finally stopped blogging and began planning.  Since one of my passions is analyzing digital data, I decided to put my certification to good use.  number crnch.gifI spent countless hours going through my most popular blog posts, as well as social media posts.  I wanted to see what got the most attention, and who was actually reading.


Unfortunately, what I discovered is that my followers were as random as I was.  I knew I had to narrow my subject matter down, but not put myself into a box.  So I decided on lifestyle blogger.  I also remembered all of the blogs that I’d written and not published, so I had enough content to start.

I wanted to do things right this time around, I’m an expert in branding but at the time my brand wasn’t consistent.  I was already know as “Keisha Rene,” and so were thousands of other black women born in the late 70’s-early 80’s.  So what’s a Keisha to do, when there are a ton of other people with the same name and some even doing the same thing.  I was going to do the Instagram favorite “KeishaReneOfficial,” but that’s so blah.  I needed something where I could have the same user name for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  One day I was speaking with my husband about my latest blogging woes about my problems finding a name.  He asked “what’s your brand?”  I said “It’s Keisha Rene!”

He smiled and said “you’re welcome babe.”

What just happened?  What was he talking about?  What’s the name?  It reminded me of that exchange between Morris Day and Jerome in Purple Rain…

Say the password, onion head!

The password is what?

That’s what I’m asking you!

It’s the password!

I forgot to mention that I purchased earlier that year after years of trying to get it.  I stalked it until it was available and now it was all mine *insert sinister laugh*

Now I needed accountability, and I got that by way of Metro Mode Magazine when I was interviewed shortly after being appointed  Ambassador for the City of Southfield, MI.  The word was out, I was officially known as a blogger.  My launch date was mentioned in the article.  What wasn’t mentioned, is that I was home[less] at the time.  So my focus wasn’t on writing, it was on my family getting the heck out of a hotel and back into a house.

I spent more time promoting and less time planning, but hey I was doing something right?  Yup, wasting time.  I didn’t know what platform I wanted to use, what the look was going to be, and all of the not so fun stuff that comes along with blogging.

Along with writing checks, my husband also checks on me to get me a little nudge that I need to get to work.  I told him I was getting there, but I wasn’t quite there yet. He asked why not?  We had a home, everyone was settled in.  No excuses…

I had the time, I had the support, I had the vision, but I still didn’t have the focus.  I still don’t have the focus, but I’m working on it.  I have several people who stay on top of my progress and remind me of how great I can be if I just stick to it.

Hi, my name is Keisha Rene.  I’m not really a blogger, but I play on online…but one day I will be.

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