Who doesn’t like receiving free stuff and giving your opinion on what you like and what you don’t like?  I’m sure there are a few odd people out there who don’t but, I for one love it!  I first became a product reviewer in 2008 shortly after I joined CafeMom.  I’d never dreamed that people would send me really nice things and all I had to do in exchange was post a few pictures and tell them what I thought.

Over the years product reviewing has been come a huge deal for new companies as well as established brands.  I’ve gotten everything from toothpaste to high end car seats.  A lot of people ask me how I got started and honestly…I don’t know.  As I mentioned before, I was first given items to review through my membership on Cafemom.  However, beyond that I just kind of happened.  In hindsight, I wish I would have been keeping track of everything so that my blog would have way more content.  But I was a little busy with mommy stuff and didn’t realize this was a huge deal.

So where we are, 8 years and tons of awesome (and some not so awesome) items later and it’s time for me to help others become TasteMakers, Reviewers, Consumer Panelists, Product Testers, Secret Shoppers, Influencers, etc.

You get free stuff! You get free stuff!!!
You get free stuff! You get free stuff!!!

You’ll also be able to connect with me to find out what products and places I’ve reviewed so you can share you thoughts and hopefully get a little help on making decisions.

If you have a product that you’d like for me (or my kids) to review, I’d be honored to check it out and tell you what I think.

Yes, I'd like to try out your product!!!
Yes, I’d like to try out your product!!!

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